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Roberto Cavalli Signature embodies an independent, joyful, free and confident woman who has glamour in her veins. Her strong personality is a master of her own destiny, her fragrance is her signature.

The artistic line of the Roberto Cavalli Signature perfume bottle recalls the voluptuous curves of a sensual woman.

The solid glass base evokes the strength and the power of its character.

Crowned by a tiara-shaped cap formed by Roberto Cavalli’s golden seal, the bottle is adorned with a tiger-print necklace reminiscent of its creator’s emblematic animal prints.

With top notes of Pink Pepper and Green Mandarin, this perfume exudes a “Balsamic Floral” scent.

Base notes of Roasted Tonka beans and Benzoin Laos serve to both compliment and enhance. Roberto Cavalli Signature is floral and sweet at a glance, but goes much deeper in to a colourful and seductive, luxurious scent.

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